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Arabic sweet Kunafa Recipe

Arabic sweet Kunafa Recipe

Kunafa is a Traditional Palestinian Dessert made with cheese party soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup; it is popular throughout the Arab World, especially in Levant, Principally in Palestine, In addition in Turkey the Caucasus and Greece,

Kunafa is popularly known to have originated in the Palestinian city of Nablus,and is the most representative and iconic Palestinian dessert Kunafa Nabulsi enjoys continued fame, partly due to its use of white brine cheese called Nabulsi.

Kunafa was first mentioned in the 10th century. It is generally believed to have originated in the Palestinian city of Nablus hence the name Nabulsi,Nablus is still renowned for its Kunafa which consists of mild white cheese and shredded wheat surface, which is covered by sugar made in Nablus in an attempt to win a Palestinian citation in the Guinness World Records. It measured 75X2 meters and weighed 1,350 kilograms.

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