Mediterranean Hummus Recipe

 Mediterranean Hummus Recipe

Hummus همس  famous in Middle East , The earliest known recipes for dish similar to hummus Bi Tahina are recorded in cookbooks written in cairo in the 13ht Century.A Cold puree of chickpeas with vinegar and Pickles Lemon with herbs,spices and oil but no Tehina  or garlic.Pureed chickpeas eaten culd with Tahini do not appear before the Abbasid Period in Egypt and the Levant  Chickpeas are among the best legume,and this is among the best recipes you can prepare with them,an eons-old Middle Eastern classic.Generally, I am not a big fan of canned beans, but for whatever reason canned chickpeas are not bad at all, and I always keep some on hand so I can make a batch of this at the last minute to as a dip or spread .

Mediterranean Hummus Recipe

Mediterranean Hummus Recipe   is chickpea base  dip,at staple at any Levantine table spread.Its simplicity means the popularity of the dish extends far beyond its home of the Middle east, Turkey and North Africa, and now it’s Enjoy the World
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Mediterranean Hummus Recipe
Mediterranean Hummus Recipe
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Author – Chef Abdur Rahman
Mediterranean Hummus Recipe
  • 2*200 gm can Chickpea ( you can use dry chickpea but you have soak in water overnight)
  • 4 tsp Tahina
  • 2 Garlic Clove Crushed
  • 1 tsp Lemon Salt
  • 6 tsp extra virgin olive oil( some olive oil for drizzling)
  •   Salt to taste
  • Few ice cubes or cold water
Mediterranean Hummus Recipe


Rinse chickpea in cold water tip into the food processor add Crushed Garlic, Lemon salt,salt and ice cubes and Tahina. Turn on the food processor and slowly pour in the olive oil while it runs.

  When the Mixture is fully combined and smooth, tip into a serving  dish .Drizzling with  some more extra virgin  olive oil and decorate with few whole chickpea and sprinkle with paprika.

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